Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilters' Circle - 13th September, 2010

Today the Quilters' Circle got together again. While we sewed productively, we chatted about a range of topics including appropriate gifts for a baby shower. We read some magazines and compared how people dressed up for photos then and now. Then we had to try and work out how long ago the then magazine was published!

Glennys blanket-stitched around a baby blanket:
When she finished that, she moved on to some appliqué which wasn't photographed.  We'll have to get it next time.

Joy appliquéd more of the final panel of her black-background wall hanging:
This panel is nearly finished, although that doesn't mean the whole project is nearly done. There are borders and sashing strips to be appliquéd as well.

Marie is making a baby ball like the one Joy brought along in August. Today she cut out sections from some cheerful fabrics:

Carol worked on the flowers of this lovely appliqué panel:
The design is Whitefriars Ruby by Robyn Falloon. It was published in Beautiful Country Crafts in 2009 (vol 21, number 4).

Marilyn has been very self-disciplined, and has not read our last blog entry which showed Marie's completed mystery. She also hasn't opened the last two sets of instructions. Today she pieced a couple more of the rows:

Vireya showed us this cover she made for her Kobo ereader since our last meeting:
Today she made more of those pentagon shapes.

Our next meeting will be on 27th September. Hope you can join us then!

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