Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 28th March, 2011

Can you believe it is a month since our last meeting? A few people have been very busy in that month!

Marie showed us this small wall-hanging she has been working on:
Very appropriate for the season!

It was great to see Joy back again.  As well as getting better, she has been making lots of QAYG blocks:
But apparently now her walking foot is not well!

Tamara delivered these blocks:

And Dorothea gave us these ones:

Jan told us she had some too, but was worried that it was too late. It is not too late! We will be sending off a second lot in a few weeks. Vireya is currently assembling a quilt of blocks made by Moreland Council workers at a working bee for International Women's Day earlier this month. Once that is done (she is waiting on 3 more blocks) and then shown to the workers responsible, we will pack it and all the blocks we have up and send them off. At the moment there are about 60-odd blocks, so if you have any at home, it would be great if you could get them to the house in a couple of weeks from now, so that we can see what size box we will need this time.

So what did we all do today? Someone had kindly left a pile of books for us to take if we wanted them. So we enjoyed browsing, and a couple of them did find new homes.

As well as making the room smell lovely with the bags of fresh basil she brought for us,
Carol was appliquéing the tulips she showed us last time:

A couple of people worked on English-paper-piecing projects involving hexagons. Here's Marie's cheerful green hexagons:

And Vireya's slightly-less-colourful ones:

Joy was sewing the binding to her miniature log-cabin quilt:
Those logs are only a quarter of an inch wide. And this was all done by hand, of course!

We missed Glennys and Jenny who couldn't make it today, but we hope they will be back with us next time, on 11th April. Hope you'll come back to see us then, too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

On Their Way

This afternoon all the completed QAYG blocks, plus one complete quilt, were boxed up and taken to the post office, on their way to Jan Mac to join blocks from all over the world being turned into quilts.
I should have written down how many there were, but I can tell you that they weigh about 8 kg. Thanks everyone for your help with getting this box ready! Some of these blocks could end up in quilts for flood victims in Queensland and Victoria, and some could even be on their way to New Zealand to earthquake victims. Wherever they end up, I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated.

The fact that these have been sent doesn't mean it's too late to make blocks - now we're collecting towards a second box-full. If you need fabric, there is still a large basket of cut strips in the office. I think they are breeding there!

PS - the box arrived safely as can be seen on Jan's blog "Sew Many Quilts - Too Little Time" here.