Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 10th October, 2011

Welcome back to another meeting of the Quilters' Circle!

Joy couldn't be with us today, as she is still unwell. Joy, we are missing you, and hope things are looking up soon.

Carol has been busy making blocks for her grandmother's autumnal quilt. She has added some pieced blocks and an embroidered one. Today she cut some more squares while baby Isabella had a sleep.
Isn't it looking very warm and snuggly?

Marie has made some more miniature blocks since our last meeting:
There are some very teeny pieces in some of those blocks!

Today she worked on the next block, which is a vase of flowers done in broderie perse:
Extreme close-up, because these are actually very small pieces.

Vireya has been working on a larger scale. Since last meeting, she has made some batik 36-patch blocks, and today she brought along her machine and sewed the last seams
to complete this scrappy top.
Thanks for holding it up for the photo, Julie!

Julie showed us this baby quilt she has made in 1930s fabrics:
The combination of white and these small prints is such a classic look. But today Julie was working on something completely different:

Finishing a jumper for her grandson. Julie not only knitted this jumper, she also spun the wool herself! The colour is the natural fleece. It looks like a very warm garment, and when we looked outside and discovered the weather had turned to rain (not to mention the washing several of us had on our lines) we probably all would have liked to have this jumper in our own size to wear home.

Leigh came and showed us her latest project. She has made 120 of these blocks:
Now comes the fun part. These bright and happy batik blocks will be assembled to make a "human-sized" quilt for Leigh's spare bed. The pattern is "Sparkling Gemstones" from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Today Leigh was asking us all what we used for design walls to test the layout of such a large quilt. Inspired by Marie's method of pinning a sheet over her largest window, Leigh is now ready to test layout options.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on the 24th October. Hope to see you then!

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