Monday, December 12, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 12th December, 2011

At our final meeting for the year, there was a Christmas tree:
There were yummy goodies and a Christmas table-cloth:
It's a pity that blue container still had its lid on when the photo was taken, because inside were the cutest (and yummiest) mini Christmas puddings. And while there was way more food than the combined knitters and quilters needed for afternoon tea, all those mini puddings were devoured!

Some people dressed up for the occasion:
Gifts were exchanged:
Don't those Lindt teddy-bears look too cute to eat?

Marilyn surprised us with a visit, which was fantastic! She brought along her latest project for show-and-tell:
These blocks are part of a quilt called "Love Letters", but the designer's name wasn't on the information Marilyn had with her. If anyone knows, please let me know and I'll edit this post. Marilyn also showed us a photo album of the building of her house, which we were all interested to see.

And on top of all that, some people even managed to do a little sewing:
Well done to those people!

We were sad that Joy was not well enough to join us. We were thinking of you, Joy, and hope everything improves for you over the summer break.

To everyone who reads this blog, best wishes for the festive season! We hope to see you again in 2012. Our first meeting for the new year will be on 23rd January.