Monday, February 27, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 27th February, 2012

It may have been a sticky summer day outside, but inside was a bit more conducive to activities like quilting.

Since our last meeting where she arranged her blocks, Marie has assembled them all, and joined them into strips with a chequerboard sashing between the blocks:
Today she was slicing up strips to make more of the chequerboards for the horizontal sashing.

Glennys is working on a secret project for a friend's special birthday. It is a "shabby-chic" style quilt, and here's a little part of the appliqué design on a border:
We look forward to seeing the whole project the next time we see Glennys.

Carol has recently been put in touch with some distant relatives in the UK. They sent these lovely hand-knitted bonnets for the newest member of the family:
We weren't mean enough to make Isabella model them for us on this sticky afternoon, so the chair had to do that job. Aren't they cute? The bobbles are actually part of the yarn, rather than knitted bobbles.

Carol also brought along a treat for all of us - some yummy chocolates:
While Isabella had a nap, Carol managed to get some leaves appliquéd on the border of the quilt she is making for her 98-year-old grandmother:
There's still a few leaves to go, but it is looking great.

Vireya covered templates for her paper-piecing project:
It might be while before we see what these turn into.

It will also be a while until we are back at the house. The next normal meeting day is Labour Day, so the house will be closed. We'll be back in four weeks, on 26th March. See you again then.

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