Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 9th July, 2012

Here it is, the second Monday in July; and here we are, quilting again at Sussex Neighbourhood House.

We missed Joy today. We hope she will be well enough to join us again soon!

Glennys is making appliquéd borders for a quilt featuring rose blossoms. Here's one of the buds:
She spread out the panels to show us how she had marked the position of the trailing stems to appliqué the buds and flowers to. Can you see the marking?
We couldn't, either. Unfortunately the vanishing marker she used has totally vanished before Glennys was ready for it to.

Marie brought along a collection of magazines and catalogues for us to read:
Meanwhile Marie added some hexagons to the edges of the green and red piece she has been working on in our last couple of meetings, to bring it closer to a square shape.
Almost done!

Vireya made another of the star shapes she has been doing lately. No photo, because it looks pretty much the same as the last ones. However, she only has one or two more of them to make, so we might see something different soon.  She did bring this for show-and-tell:
Undo that zip, and it becomes:
A shopping bag! The bag was designed by Nicole Mallalieu, but the pattern hasn't been released just yet. Vireya was one of the test sewers who tried it out before it is published.

That's it for our small group today. Join us again in two weeks, on 23rd July.

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