Monday, October 29, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 29th October, 2012

We had a lovely surprise today when Marilyn joined us. It was great to see her again; we've missed her since she moved to the country. She worked on this this motto today:
The pattern for this quilt is called "Love Letters", but I don't know the designer's name. Searching the internet finds lots of quilt patterns with this name, but none of them are this one. If anyone knows, please leave a message in the comments.

Marie has quilted the little boy's quilt we saw as a top in July, and today she was finishing the binding:
You can't see much of the top in this shot, but the pattern is "Sparkling Gemstones" from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

Vireya didn't do any quilt-related sewing today, but she did take advantage of the large tables and space to cut out a dress-making project, after ironing her fabric:
The colour is a bit washed out in the shot, but it is a springy green in real life.

If all the shots look a bit dark today, there's a good reason. Most of the lights in our room were not working. An electrician arrived to check it out late in our session, and discovered someone had turned them off at the switchboard. I should have taken a picture of the switch, which is actually covered in a sign that says, "Do not touch this switch". I guess it's not the first time this has happened!

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 12th November. See you again then.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 22nd October, 2012

The year is rushing by, and today is the fourth Monday of October.

Glennys was back with us today, and blanket-stitched a cute pirate baby blanket: 

She also pin-basted this quilt, which is a birthday gift for a friend:
We have seen parts of the quilt before. Some of the appliqué can be seen in progress here. Between the rose fabrics you might notice embroidered blocks featuring birthday messages to the recipient:

Marie worked on the same project she was working on last time, and also brought along the finished bag we saw in progress then:
The pattern she used is Sashiko Shoulder Bag by Julie Peters, from Homespun Vol 4 No 3.

Vireya made some more pentagons to fill in gaps in the sunflower project we saw a couple of meetings ago.

There are five Mondays this month, so we will meet again next week. See you then!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 8th October, 2012

It's the second Monday in October, so here we are back again. Once again we had only a small group this time.

We each brought along books, magazines, patterns and catalogues to read between stitching:

Vireya took advantage of the large tables to spread out a dress pattern and cut out the main pieces to test the fit:
Not the final fabric she wants to use, just something cheap for testing purposes. After that she made a few more diamonds for her on-going project:

Marie showed her progress on a bag she is making:
The pieces at the top right will be joined to create the second side of the bag. It's a project from an old Homespun magazine, which didn't have a designer's name on it. (Added later: Please see the comments below, where the editor of Homespun has identified the pattern and the issue.) Today Marie worked on a different project, and appliquéd these thin green lines:
We will have to wait until another meeting to find out what they are for!

Our next meeting is in two weeks, on 22nd October. See you then!