Monday, November 26, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 26th November, 2012

It was our second-last meeting for the year, and lots has been happening.

Glennys cut out a couple of garments for grandchildren:
This one will be a pair of overalls. Then she added bells to these santa hats she has made:
Very cute!

Marie has participated in two workshops recently. One involve embellishing techniques using Angelina fibre. Here's what one of her pieces looked like with light reflecting off it:
And here's what it looked like with light shining through it:
A face appeared!

Marie's other workshop was on different dyeing techniques.
The piece closest to the camera was ice dyed. The others are sun prints. We had fun identifying the different objects Marie had used for their shadows.

The workshop also included some eco-dyeing of silk and cotton fabrics, using techniques developed by India Flint:

Today Marie made some circles, then showed us how they will be appliquéd to the border of this project:
Picture not quite in focus, but I'm sure we will get a better shot some time in the future.

Vireya worked on pieces which will connect up her sunflowers:

In between all that we had a magazine and some advertising brochures to peruse:
See you next time for our last meeting of the year, on the 10th December.

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  1. Some lovely projects there ladies :-)
    Vireya, I particularly like your sunflowers. Are they done via English paper piecing? Where did you find the pattern...or did you make it up yourself?? It's very effective!