Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilters' Circle - 24th June, 2013

It was chilly outside, but fortunately the heating system at the house is back in action, so we were warm and snug inside.

During the long break since our last meeting a couple of us had an opportunity to visit Joy. Joy showed us the progress she has made on the blue Baltimore Album quilt that we have seen pieces of before. Now all the blocks have been assembled, and Joy is about to start quilting it:

Not a brilliant photo, as it was a small room and there wasn't space to get far enough back, but you can get some idea how beautiful this quilt is. Joy has been working on it for a long time. We saw a block of it in our very first blogged meeting, four years ago. We first saw the centre block here, before it was complete. So it was fantastic to see all the blocks put together.

Today Glennys worked on a couple of blocks of her My Blue Heaven quilt (designed by Therese Hylton).
She has very few blocks still to make for this quilt, so we look forward to seeing them all put together, too.

Marie brought along this lovely cushion cover she has made for one of her sons:
And today she assembled another week of her year quilt. This is week 18!
The piece with the old house on it represents a trip Marie took to an exhibition of textile art by Jan Lowe, Journeys in Cloth and Stitch, at the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre.  The exhibition runs until 7th July, and sounds really good.

Today Vireya finished joining together the major sections of her sunflowers project:
She still needs to make a few smaller sections to fill in spaces around the edges, but this project is also drawing to a close.

In between our sewing, we had a few interesting discussions, including wondering how Mrs Kent sewed Superman's suit if it was made of textiles that couldn't be cut or pierced? How many sewing machine needles did she break on it? Think about that until our next meeting on 8th July!