Monday, May 26, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 26th May, 2014

Today's meeting was a little special because tomorrow is Vireya's birthday.

The old advertisements printed on this fabric gift entertained us:
We enjoyed some yummy chocolate biscuits:
Happy birthday Vireya!

After the gifts and afternoon tea, Vireya worked on her Flower Ball quilt (designed by Geta Grama). Here's her latest flower:
And here it is next to the flowers she has already made:

Debbie stitched another saying for her Truly Aussie quilt (designed by Helen Stubbings):

Marie showed us two cot-sized quilt tops:

These are made from Eleanor Burns' Fabric Frenzy block, and will be donated to a women's refuge. Marie has made enough blocks for another single-bed size quilt as well.

Today Marie stitched down the binding on another community quilt she has made:
I thought we already had seen the front of this quilt, so didn't photograph it. Sorry, that was a mistake.

There's another public holiday on our next scheduled meeting day, so we won't be back until 23rd June. See you again then!

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  1. Love all the projects pictured...the Geta Grama Flowerball looks wonderful!