Monday, June 30, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 30th June, 2014

It's the fifth Monday of the month, the last day of the financial year, and definitely winter!

This artwork left in the room by another group looks very quilt-like:

Debbie stitched another of the sayings for her Truly Aussie quilt (designed by Helen Stubbings), and showed us a panel of six she has done since we last saw her:
Closer view of one:
This lead to a small discussion of how many sandwiches are usually said to be short. There are variants with a few, a couple, one, a half, and probably others. This picnic seems very lacking, if seven sandwiches have gone missing.

Marie has assembled another single-bed sized quilt top for her group's community quilt drive:
Fortunately someone else is going to quilt these bed-sized ones, but Marie quilted the smaller ones herself. Today she was stitching down the binding on a baby-sized one:
Cute elephants!

Vireya played with some fabric selections for another flower in her hexagon garden quilt:
Last week she was cutting out a t-shirt pattern, and today she wore a t-shirt she made this week:
Although she didn't use last week's pattern to make this, she did use some techniques that she learnt in the Craftsy class.

Next weekend (4th - 6th) is the Essendon Quilters' Show, which we are all probably going to attend. It is at a new venue this year, the Sports and Performance Centre at Moonee Ponds Primary School.

Our next session will be on 14th July. Please pop in again then and see what we've been up to.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 23rd June, 2014

It has been four weeks since our last meeting, which was quite a gap, but fortunately we will have a bonus "5th Monday" meeting next week.

Mary from the knitters group showed us this lovely blanket she crocheted, which she's finished just in time for today's winter weather:
It is a beautiful blend of 13 different coloured 8-ply yarns. It is quite large - there are two people hiding behind it holding it up.

Since our last meeting Glennys has returned from her travels to Dubai, Italy and Turkey, and today she entertained us with travellers tales. She is also trying out some English paper piecing:
The pattern she is using is "Rose Garden" by Yvonne Skodt.

Today she picked up a few suggestions for making covering the paper pieces easier, and by the end of the session had a few more pieces ready.

Marie has been working on community quilts using Eleanor Burns' "Fabric Frenzy" block. She showed us this single-bed top ready for quilting, which includes a few blocks Vireya made as well:
The greens, blues and purples create a restful colour scheme, and the scrappy fabrics hide the block design.
Today Marie finished stitching the binding on a cot-sized quilt in the same design:

Check out the cute manatees on the back:
When she packed everything up at the end of our session, we realised the bag Marie was using was in the same colour scheme as her quilts:

Vireya spent time today making alterations to a pattern for a t-shirt making class she is doing on Craftsy:
Maybe she will have a t-shirt to show us at the next meeting.

That next meeting will be next Monday, 30th June. See you again then!