Monday, August 25, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 25th August, 2014

Welcome to our last winter meeting for this year.

Debbie worked on another of the sayings for her Truly Aussie quilt (designed by Helen Stubbings):
For show-and-tell Debbie brought this sweet little pouch which is completely hand-stitched:
And that includes inserting the zip!
Debbie did use a pattern for this pouch, but it was a while ago so she doesn't remember the details. But if you recognise the design, please leave us a comment.

Marie showed us this card she made for her mother, featuring a collage of a poem her mother enjoys:
Can you guess the poem? Full words here in case you have forgotten them.

Marie has joined together some of her hexagon flowers since our last meeting, and today was adding green ones around the edges:

She also showed us this quilted case she made to hold her mobile phone and protect it from other items in her pocket:
Cute and practical!

Vireya has made all the flowers for her Flower Ball quilt, but still has a few short seams between hexagons that haven't been stitched. Today she worked on closing up some of those:
Once these little seams are all done, Vireya's next step will be to stitch together the flowers and create the ball shape.

Our next meeting is in two weeks, on the 8th September. See you in spring!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 11th August, 2014

We were greeted today by bits of someone's stash which had been donated to the house:
Fabric, bias binding, zips, etc. Some of these goodies were labelled in pre-metric measurements (meaning before the early 1970s), and some even had pre-decimal price tags (before 1966)! So we all spent a some time hunting for items we would find useful.

Marie advised us of the upcoming August Made in Thornbury community market:
Note the quilt exhibition - Marie's quilting class will be displaying their work as an added attraction.

Today Marie stitched together some more of her cute little hexagons. She is building up quite a stack:
Spread them out to get a better look:
And a close-up of just one:
Very sweet!

Debbie embroidered another saying on her Truly Aussie quilt (designed by Helen Stubbings). Hands up everyone whose mother told them she would have their guts for garters?
According to World Wide Words, this originated in Britain in the 1700s, so only the "mate" at the end makes it particularly "Aussie".

Glennys made some progress on her EPP (English paper-piecing) project, assembling some "V" shapes:
Adding a large triangle:
And at least one small triangle:
So her first motif is almost complete.

Vireya prepared pieces for the last flowers in her Flower Ball quilt (designed by Geta Grama):
The colours are not accurate, as they are more purple and less blue in real life. This is flower number 20 of 22, so very soon she will be stitching all the pieces together.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 25th August. See you then!