Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making it Personal

I posted from the Neighbourhood House office yesterday. It was a bit of an occasion--in a busy, friendly kind of way. Let's just say there were half a dozen staff and volunteers working at half a dozen different tasks in a space the size of a lounge room. Despite that, I had several people willing to check over and cheer the "first post" of the Quilters at Sussex Blog.

Of course there were memories shared about the "Carers". I learned that the wall hangings include photos of carers' families from our community. I'll be looking for more information about that soon. Meanwhile, I'll invite you to have another look at the first photo in yesterday's post. You can see the Sussex Quilt hanging on the wall further up the hallway. That was made as a Neighbourhood House Week project a few years ago and includes a block contributed by each group and class from Sussex. More details later.

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