Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Leigh is Looking for Bugs

I visited the Sussex Quilters to ask if anyone had an bugs or bees in their fabric stashes. I am hoping to make a cot quilt with insects as the theme. Joy immediately asked if I was going to make a "Bugs in Bottles"quilt. At that time I didn't know what she meant, but since then I have discovered some "Bugs in Bottles" in magazines. I have included a bad photograph from a magazine. Plus a photo of the adorable ants, and lovely lady bugs fabrics that I have already. Apparently I will only need pieces about 6" x 9" of each design. I am hoping for some bumble bees and dragonflies particularly.


  1. What are those strange numbers on that tape measure? Don't you have one made in the last 40 years?

    I've had a look through my fabrics and the best I can do is some more ladybirds in a different colour, and some different ants. I'll bring them in tomorrow if I remember!

  2. Thank you Vireya, butI must say in my own defence, that it took me absolutely ages to find an imperial tape measure because I thought that "serious" quilters only used inches. Well....I won't worry about that next time! Although it was fun to get out that box of "old" things that related to the sewing of little girl's clothes for my daughter who is now the person pregnant with the baby that will use the "Bugs in Bottles" quilt. So thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  3. Hello Leigh and the Sussex Quilters, I found your Blog when Vireya commented on one of my Blogs here in Sydney, Aus.
    Although I am a 7th Generation Aussie I was married in and have lived in Sussex a couple of times since 1968, so when I saw this Blog I put it in my Google Reader straight away... such lovely memories.
    I have fabrics with Dragon Flies, Mice, Bees, Worms, Butterflies, Beetles and lots of Lady Birds and I'd be only too happy to cut up a 6" X 9" piece of each for you.
    You can email me at penniedavid 'at' gmail 'dot' com or find me on one of my Blogs.
    I do love Sussex :-)

  4. Oh, Pennie! Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not in your beloved Sussex, we are in Sussex Street, North Coburg, Victoria, Australia. Still, thank you for reading our humble blog.

  5. ROFLOLPMP... That is so funny, I did think the Quilters at Sussex sounded a strange name for a Blog about Sussex Quilters LOL I'm still giggling.

  6. Dear Pennie,I hope you are not too disappointed... because we were really excited to hear from you...a Sydney-based Aussie with a love of Sussex UK, blogging with quilters in Sussex Street North Coburg Victoria. How bloggy is that? And the Bugs are for a quilt for a baby that will be born in Brisbane in November. Great to hear from you.