Monday, September 21, 2009

Quilters' Circle - 21st September, 2009

Today the Quilters' Circle met again at Sussex Neighbourhood House - but first a little cleaning-up was required!

Once those two cleaning angels had finished, we settled down to some serious quilting. Or did we? Well there were a lot of books and magazines to look at, and we had lots of visitors, and we talked a lot.

Joy brought along this green-backed section of a mystery quilt from 2001. The background was chosen after a challenge by her son that she should do something other than her normal cream background. (Or was it her brother who laid down the challenge? I should have taken notes...)

Since using that green background, Joy has also worked with black. Today she did some more appliqué on the heart panel (photo last time), and here are the other panels which go with it:

The appliqué is done with a tiny blanket stitch. Don't those colours look beautiful against the black?

Marilyn did some work on the borders of her quilt:

The cinnamon colour echoes the colour of the floral fabric in the corners and centres of the churn-dash blocks. The end is in sight - soon the binding will go on.

Now we can reveal a quilt Marie finished recently as a gift for her son's wedding. She actually brought it along to the last meeting, but that was prior to the wedding. The quilt is a beautiful scrap quilt, with a colour scheme chosen to represent the football-team loyalties of the couple. This is Victoria, after all, and it is footy-finals time!

Who could have imagined that football team colours could look so gorgeous? Below is a detail shot, where you can see the structure of the block. Marie chose fabrics to represent the couple's interests, and they should have hours of entertainment finding all the special fabrics she included.

The block design was inspired by the book "Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles" by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe. The book shows some of the amazing potential of a very simple shape - a rectangle twice as long as it is wide. This is why we love patchwork and quilting!

Today Marie was sewing the binding on this quilt featuring dog fabrics, which is for her grandson.

We saw some of these blocks when Marie was trimming them back in August. The finished quilt is delightful, and we all spent some time picking out the cutest dogs. Her grandson will love it.

Vireya did some appliqué for the next Red Delicious block. She also brought along this small quilt which is ready to baste, but that didn't happen today. Maybe next time.

The pattern is "Whirlin' Dervish" designed by Margaret J. Miller. It was the first time Vireya had used "long triangles", which are a little trickier to piece than half-square triangles or equilateral triangles. The quilt is destined to be a wall-hanging when finished.

Leigh came to visit us for a while and discussed triangle sizes for the corners of the bottles in her bug quilt. She seemed to have it worked out by the time she had to get back to work, so we are looking forward to seeing some bugs happening. A couple of other people came by to visit and admire the works in progress. and to look at the room.

That brings us to the end of another Quilters' Circle meeting. After which a couple of people went to check out the "moving sale" happening at our local quilt shop this week, but that would be another story...

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