Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piecing Bee

As mentioned here, this afternoon a few people got together to piece the friendship star blocks together for the raffle quilt while enjoying cherry cake, chocolate biscuits, and lots of conversation.

First we laid out all the blocks, and worked out what extra bits were needed.

Then there was a bit of cutting and trimming, followed by some stitching and some more trimming.

Then all the pieces were spread out so we could check the layout, and move around blocks and bits to ensure a nice spread of the different intensities and shades of colour.

After a bit of swapping around, rows were sewn together, then joined to each other.

As each seam was completed, it was pressed into shape.

And finally, the quilt top was all together in one big piece!

Well done everyone who was able to be there today.

The borders will be added before the basting bee, which will be on 18th July. You are welcome to come and be part of the fun!

1 comment:

  1. That looks really good! this kind of quilt has the potential to not quite work with so many folks each doing it a bit differently and it needing consistency in order to 'work'. You have excelled. the work has all blended very nicely so that it makes a continuous whole - the best kind of collaboration - yeay. :)
    btw the colours look great too.