Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oz Comfort Quilts Working Bee

On Tuesday night a few people gathered to get stuck into making some blocks using all the strips, backings and waddings which were prepared at the previous working bee.

A couple of wonderful women who had many years of experience with industrial sewing machines, gave their domestic machines quite a work-out. They set a cracking pace the rest of us couldn't keep up with!

The iron was kept busy:

The rotary cutter was flying:

The pile of offcuts grew and grew:
The larger pieces went back onto the pile to be sewn into other blocks.

Meanwhile more sets of backings, waddings and strips were prepared for people who couldn't attend the working bee to make up at home. And if you want more fabric, just let us know - there's a basket of strips you can use in the office at the house, and more can be added if it starts to run low!

And here are the results on the night!
Actually that's not all of them, but you can see that it was a fantastic result.

When we add in all the blocks people are making at home, it will be quite a pile to send to Jan Mac.  A couple of people have asked about the deadline for the blocks.  We will send whatever is ready off later this month - but that doesn't mean that work has to stop.  We can send more later - Jan will be busy sewing them together for quite a while 


  1. wow I love the kaleidoscope quilt design. And the colours are gorgeous! If I had time i'd put my had up for this but at the moment i'm having trouble getting into the sewing room, let alone doing some sewing. Well done ladies.

  2. Thanks Sofie and good luck getting back into your sewing room.