Monday, February 14, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 14th February, 2011

Welcome to the meeting!
I'll be your guide today. Jenny brought me along to show everyone, and I enjoyed keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Joy couldn't make it along today, and we all hope she'll be feeling better soon! It was great to see Marilyn. We won't see her at every meeting, as she has sold her house and is moving to Bendigo. We hope she finds some nice quilters up there to meet with regularly, but we also hope she can come back and visit us because we will miss her. We also heard that Dorothy is in hospital, so we hope she is on the mend soon.

It seems today was a day for sewing down binding. Marilyn, Marie, Carol and Vireya were all doing that.

Here's Marie's triangles QAYG project that she was assembling last time. The pieced binding is the perfect finishing touch!

Vireya finished the binding on her quilt for the Oz Comfort Quilts drive, so here it is all done:
And here's the back view:

Carol was sewing the binding on this striking black and white quilt which we saw when she was making blocks back in August:

Can you guess which football team the recipient barracks for? Did someone say Collingwood?

Glennys has decided how to assemble the mystery squares she showed us last time, and today she brought her machine along to sew some of them together.
Later she did some appliqué, which is what Jenny was working on, too.

Mary joined us with her knitting, as the rest of the knitters couldn't attend today.  Mary has made quilts, and she owned up to having an unfinished one tucked away somewhere, so we decided that she really is a quilter.

Since our last meeting, people have been busy sewing blocks to donate for the flood victims. Here's some Carol made:
And some from Marie:
Marie also made more blocks like those she showed us at the last meeting, and today she delivered a complete set of 35 (the number required for a single-bed quilt).

As well as all that sewing, there was lots of conversation about topics which were over the head of a small needle-felted dog. Just what are planning regulations? And electricity companies? And then there were discussions about books. Dogs can't read, so I went to sleep through that.

And although I am fuzzy, I'm not really blurry. I think the camera operator should wear glasses.

The next Quilters' Circle meeting will be on 28th February, at 1:00pm.  Hope you can make it along!

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  1. That is one CUTE dog--and of course some lovely quilts!