Monday, May 30, 2011

Quilters' Circle, 30th May, 2011

Today is the fifth Monday in May, so we had a bonus meeting, which is good because in June we will lose one meeting due to the Queen's Birthday holiday.

We missed a couple of people who didn't make it along today - we hope you are well! It was great to have Joy back with us, and to welcome Wendy who bravely came along despite her son's warning about meeting people on the internet.

A couple of people organised a surprise afternoon tea because Friday was Vireya's birthday:
Yum! I'm sorry that the slice Joy made is out of focus, but it tasted great, anyway! And of course, you can't have a birthday without presents, so here are the fabrics Vireya went home with that she didn't have when she arrived:
Yummy fabrics, yummy cakes, thanks everyone!

Vireya showed us some of her other gifts, including this pack of Japanese fabrics:

Since last week Carol has added this very cute cow to her baby quilt:
So now she is up to the border.

Joy appliquéd leaves today:

Marie and Wendy both worked on binding. Marie's wall-hanging involves a lot of binding. Here's a progress shot which is meant to show how the strippy columns will be connected by a ladder of black loops:
Although these particular columns won't be joined like this, as they will be on the opposite side of each other.

All too soon, time was up, and we had to head out into the cold again. But we all took home some cake leftovers!

Our next meeting will not be until the 27th June. Hope to see you again then!

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