Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quilters' Circle 9th May, 2011

After what felt like a very long break, the Quilters' Circle got together again. We had lots to talk about, and a few people had things to show us. Blogger is playing up a bit tonight, so I can't format this post quite how I want. However, for several hours I couldn't post anything, so this is an improvement...

Here are some lovely pink and green quilt-as-you-go blocks Jan made:

Marie has made two more columns for the wall-hanging she had started last time:
To give you an idea of the scale, Marie is hiding behind those three pieces...

Glennys showed us the fabric she purchased at the AQC last month:
Cute! We all loved those trains. Today Glennys worked on some appliqué:
Next she will add some embroidery.

Vireya has finished the wall-hanging we have seen her working on over the last year, and took it down from the wall to bring it along for us to see:
And she showed us this little Japanese pouch made from a kit she purchased at the AQC.

Carol worked on some appliqué, and then started cutting squares for a baby quilt:
The fabrics are soft greens and yellows, but this photo seems to have washed them out a bit.

Joy is working on this fruit bowl block for her Baltimore-album quilt:
Next some grapes are going on the right-hand side.

We heard that Marilyn is back in Melbourne for some medical care, and sends us greetings. We hope you are feeling better soon, Marilyn! It's great to hear that your building plans have been approved.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 23rd May. I hope Blogger is behaving itself by then!

PS - Now that Blogger is working again, this post has been edited to fix some of the issues.

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