Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 27th June, 2011

After what felt like a long break, the Quilters' Circle met today for our first and last June meeting.

For some of us, the break had been longer than others. Ching Ching and Richard have been in Malaysia for a few months. While they were away, Richard completed the quilt we saw the design for in July, and the beginnings of in August last year.

What a fantastic first quilt! And today Richard worked on the design for his next one.

Ching Ching ironed some fabrics, and shared these yummy sweets with us:
They are made with sweet potato and other yummy ingredients, and packaged beautifully. Very nice! Thank you, Ching Ching.

Glennys blanket-stitched some appliqué in the latest block of her quilt designed by Therese Hylton (My Blue Heaven). She had most of this bit done by the end of our meeting.

Wendy was also appliquéing, working on a block of Esther Aliu's latest free mystery BOM, Hearts Desire. (Shouldn't there be an apostrophe in that somewhere?)

Marie has finished the wall-hanging she has been working on at our last couple of meetings, and took it down from her wall to bring it along and show us:
The hanging is based on a design by Rosemary Penfold, "Quilt for a Hot Night". The little picture doesn't do it justice - please click on it to see a larger view.

Marie's next project is already well under way. In fact the top is finished already:
It's a lovely baby quilt in white and 1930s fabrics.

Since or last meeting Vireya made a quilted hot-water bottle cover for a challenge. It had to be submitted for an exhibition last week, so she couldn't bring it along. Here are the photos, anyway.
Front view:

Back view:

If you would like to see many hot-water bottle covers, made in many different textile techniques, the exhibition at the OpenDrawer Gallery opens on Friday this week and runs until 24th July. You can click on this picture to get all the details

We missed Joy, Jenny, and Carol today. Hope you are all well and will be back with us soon!

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 11th July. See you again then!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Finish

E finished her 9-patch quilt in last week's "Let's Patchwork" class. It's taken a while for the borders to go on, but now it's done. Yay!The next step is to baste up the quilt with its layers of backing and wadding. Maybe that will happen tonight. Meanwhile all the other students are eagerly stitching away at their various projects. Note to self: we're going to need an extra couple of tables tonight to cope with the basting as well as the usual cutting and stitching.