Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 29th August, 2011

Today is the fifth Monday in August already. Where has the year gone?

Joy is still unwell and couldn't be with us today. Please get better soon, Joy! We are missing you.

Julie's collection of cute little hexagon flowers is growing. Here's one she made today:

Glennys showed us this quilt top she made for her daughter:
The quilt started at a workshop with Teresa Horsburgh, and is based on Teresa's design Floral Garden. Glennys's fabric choices make a quilt which is very different from the published pattern; in fact Glennys doubts Teresa would recognise it!  Will Glennys hand-quilt it?  She's thinking about it. Today she started appliquéing the 12th block of the My Blue Heaven quilt we have seen a few other blocks of:

Marie worked on some hand-quilting today, and contemplated her next project.

Carol managed to join us, an impressive feat with a five-week-old baby. She was even able to cut a few squares while Isabella was passed around the quilters.
The squares are for making prairie points to go around Carol's baby quilt, which we've seen before but which now has been quilted and is ready for binding:
The camera still doesn't like the lemon yellow colour, so you will just have to believe me that this quilt is lemon and green, not beige and green. The chenille squares add cuddly softness, don't they?

Vireya had to work this morning, then come straight from work so wasn't able to bring along anything to do, but she also is pondering what her next project will be.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on Monday 12th September. See you then!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 22nd August, 2011

What a beautiful sunny day it was today! And we were inside quilting and chatting and eating cake. But more about that yumminess later...

Richard solved the machine problems he had last time by using a better thread, which his machine was much happier with. Here's how his amazing quilt is progressing:
She had an eye and a mouth by the end of our session. Meanwhile Richard and Ching Ching's son entertained us with his thoughts on mountains, canyons and purple ponds.

Vireya was reminded by the warmth of the sun today that it is nearly time for hat-wearing, so she cut out the pieces of this Nicole Mallalieu Design hat pattern:
Maybe next time she'll bring along that hexagon quilt to show us. Or a completed hat?

Julie sewed these lovely little hexagons together today,
and then had to unsew one of them.  Oops! An easy mistake to make, but perhaps mean of the photographer to snap it before it was fixed.

Wendy entertained us with some photographs of her twin sons' 21st birthday party, which had a steampunk/mad scientist theme. She also brought us some of the cake she made and decorated for the occasion. You can see pictures of the amazing cake and some of the party costumes on Wendy's blog here.

Marie brought along some magazines for us to read, and these notices of up-coming events:
Today Marie was hand-quilting her 1930's baby quilt, which we last saw when it was just a top in June:
The combination of 1930's fabrics and white always looks lovely, doesn't it?

Wendy worked on this sashiko piece. You wouldn't guess that this is the first sashiko stitching she has done!
When she feels she has mastered the sashiko technique, Wendy is planning to make this lovely piece:
It is part of a series of Australian wildflowers designed by Sylvia Pippen, using appliqué and sashiko with some Aboriginal-designed fabric as borders, which can be put together into a stunning quilt. Will Wendy make the whole quilt? Or will the blue orchid be enough?

Our next meeting will be next Monday, 29th August. We hope Joy will be back with us then. And Jenny. And Glennys. And you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 8th August, 2011

Today was an exciting meeting of the Quilters' Circle. Carol was back, and brought along the best "Show and Tell" ever!
Looks as if the photographer managed to make Isabella a little blurry. (But everything was a little blurry today - see below.) We heard that she isn't always as peaceful as this, but we all wish the proud new parents a wonderful life with their precious daughter.

Leigh told us about her recent trip to tropical Queensland, and brought along this booklet about the Bowen Shire quilt, which she saw on her trip:

Joy worked on her appliqué, but somehow no photos were taken of that.

Richard and Vireya were both machining, but Richard was having some difficulties with his thread, which broke his last needle so his machine was packed up before the camera had a chance to get to him. Vireya's little Lotus wasn't playing up (even if it looks a little blurry...), which she is thankful for, as she is trying to meet a deadline:
Next time we should be able to see a full picture of the project she has been working on since last year.

Julie worked on some English Paper-Pieced hexagons. It's a technique she hasn't tried before, but enjoyed:
She said it was tricky because she hadn't brought the right glasses with her, but the blurriness of this picture can only be blamed on the photographer. In real life, they look great! Julie also showed us her thimbles, which she didn't have with her last time when we took the group thimble shot:
These are both Clover products. The one on the left is made of a soft flexible rubber, and the right-hand one is adjustable.  Forgot to ask which is best, or if they have different strengths.

Glennys worked on the ninth block of her "My Blue Heaven" quilt:
I'm not sure how many blocks there are all together, but 9 sounds as if it should be getting towards the end. How many to go, Glennys?

Marie is hand-quilting her green "thousand pyramids" quilt, which she has titled Into The Forest:
The quilting follows organic, tree-branch lines, although you can't see it in a long-shot like this. We'll have to get a close-up next time.

Our next get-together will be on 22nd August. Happy sewing until then!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Congratulations, Carol!

We have just heard from Carol, who gave us the fantastic news that her daughter Isabella arrived on 21st July!

Congratulations to the new parents, and we are looking forward to meeting the new arrival!