Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilters' Circle - 22nd August, 2011

What a beautiful sunny day it was today! And we were inside quilting and chatting and eating cake. But more about that yumminess later...

Richard solved the machine problems he had last time by using a better thread, which his machine was much happier with. Here's how his amazing quilt is progressing:
She had an eye and a mouth by the end of our session. Meanwhile Richard and Ching Ching's son entertained us with his thoughts on mountains, canyons and purple ponds.

Vireya was reminded by the warmth of the sun today that it is nearly time for hat-wearing, so she cut out the pieces of this Nicole Mallalieu Design hat pattern:
Maybe next time she'll bring along that hexagon quilt to show us. Or a completed hat?

Julie sewed these lovely little hexagons together today,
and then had to unsew one of them.  Oops! An easy mistake to make, but perhaps mean of the photographer to snap it before it was fixed.

Wendy entertained us with some photographs of her twin sons' 21st birthday party, which had a steampunk/mad scientist theme. She also brought us some of the cake she made and decorated for the occasion. You can see pictures of the amazing cake and some of the party costumes on Wendy's blog here.

Marie brought along some magazines for us to read, and these notices of up-coming events:
Today Marie was hand-quilting her 1930's baby quilt, which we last saw when it was just a top in June:
The combination of 1930's fabrics and white always looks lovely, doesn't it?

Wendy worked on this sashiko piece. You wouldn't guess that this is the first sashiko stitching she has done!
When she feels she has mastered the sashiko technique, Wendy is planning to make this lovely piece:
It is part of a series of Australian wildflowers designed by Sylvia Pippen, using appliqué and sashiko with some Aboriginal-designed fabric as borders, which can be put together into a stunning quilt. Will Wendy make the whole quilt? Or will the blue orchid be enough?

Our next meeting will be next Monday, 29th August. We hope Joy will be back with us then. And Jenny. And Glennys. And you!

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