Monday, February 13, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 13th February, 2012

It's the second Monday in February, which means it's time for the quilters to get together again.

Last year Glennys brought along some mystery squares she had found. Today she had the finished product to show us:
Now it is a lap quilt finished just in time for her mother's birthday.

Glennys is making progress on her My Blue Heaven (quilt designed by Therese Hylton). Today she spread out her completed blocks to show us:
That's the original in the foreground for reference. More than half of Glennys's blocks are finished now, and it is looking good.

Marie brought along this block keeper which she made a few years ago:
Aren't those colours lovely? The "square in a square" blocks are made from hand-dyed fabrics, and match the colours in the main print really well. The purple cord keeps it securely closed for transport. It is like a small quilt wrapped around a cardboard tube. When you unroll it the inside is lined with a flannel fabric which holds everything in place, so you can use the block keeper for storing or transporting works in progress:
Today Marie had lots of use for it, as she spread out all the pieces for her latest project and played with arrangements of fabrics within the blocks:
Once she was happy with the arrangements, all the blocks were put into her block keeper, layered between pieces of calico, so that Marie could piece them together at home.

Vireya brought along a pot-holder she recently made using this same saw-tooth star block:
She is testing this one, before making some more. She used Vilene Thermolam for the batting. It is lovely and flexible, but perhaps a little thin. Vireya is planning to add another layer of something else (perhaps cotton batting) to the next one she makes.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on the 27th February. See you again then!

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