Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 30th July, 2012

After our small meeting last week, it was nice to have a few more quilters in attendance today.

We welcomed Lyn, who came along for the first time. She made this quilt top in the Patchwork class at the house last term, and today got it sandwiched and pin-basted with a little help:
We'll look forward to seeing it quilted at future meetings!

It was great to see Marilyn again. It is nice when she can time her trips to Melbourne to coincide with our meetings. Today she worked on this stitched motto, which is one of several which Marilyn will incorporate in a future quilt:
I don't know if this is part of a published pattern. I forgot to ask, so if anyone knows please tell me and I can put the details here.

Another welcome face from the past, the teacher of the class where Lyn made her quilt top, also dropped in for a while. She wasn't quilting though:
She was knitting socks!

Marie has been busy. She has put together this quilt top for a lucky young boy:
The pattern comes from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott and is called "Sparkling Gemstones". You don't need to use pre-cut strips; you can see here that it works very well as a scrap quilt. Marie has used lots of special fabrics chosen to appeal to the recipient.

As if that wasn't enough, Marie has also been quilting! She has completed free-motion quilting of this gorgeous quilt for the sister of the little boy mentioned above:
The pattern is "Story Time Stars" by Bonnie Hunter. Today Marie was stitching down the binding but here's a close-up of her free-motion hearts:
Doesn't it look great? Vireya thought she better get sewing, as she made a top from this pattern which inspired Marie to make it, but her own hasn't progressed beyond being a top yet.

Vireya made some pentagon shapes today, but didn't get them stitched together:
It is interesting to see how fabrics can take on a different look when they are cut apart and reassembled.

Our next meeting will be on the second Monday in August, the 13th. Hope you can join us then!

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