Monday, August 27, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 27th August, 2012

It was the fourth Monday in August, so the quilters got together again.

Glennys started by doing something not at all quilty:
Tacking a zip into this cute corduroy pinafore. Looks like you will have to tilt your head to the side to see it the right way up. Sorry about that!

Marie has been to a free-motion quilting workshop, and brought along her sample piece. For the workshop she had to baste together a square metre of fabric, batting and backing, which was used for practicing various designs. Here's some of her swirly designs:

There's lots of space left for "warm-up" quilting and trying out other designs. It's an idea that could be worth copying. A square metre is a decent size for playing with, and provides lots of space for testing different patterns.

After getting that zip in place, Glennys worked on the binding of the quilt she was pin-basting last time:
She hasn't completed the quilting yet, but binding is an ideal activity to take to meetings.

Here's proof: Marie was stitching down binding, too:
This is the binding on a placemat. Here's the front view:
As usual, because the camera doesn't love purple the way some of us do, these colours are not accurate. In real life it looks even better than it does here. And Marie's quilted leaf shapes look great, too. The placemat is part of a gift for a member of another quilting group Marie attends. Each quilter was given the central purple piece and the binding, and then had to complete the placemat using fabrics from their own stash. It would be fun to see them all together.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 10th September. See you again then!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 13th August, 2012

Happy August! If you are reading this, Joy, we hope you are feeling better soon. We miss you!

Since our last meeting Lyn has quilted and bound her 9-patch quilt:
Her next project will be a wholecloth quilt. Lyn has plans to make quilts for each of her grandchildren by the end of the year, but has decided that piecing isn't her thing.

Glennys brought along this lovely quilt top that we have seen before, and the backing and batting. We all helped with pinning the central section of it together:
Glennys started this quilt at a workshop with Teresa Horsburgh, and it is based on Teresa's design Floral Garden. However, Glennys's fabric choices resulted in a quilt which is quite different from the published pattern. Now that the central section is pinned to stabilise it, Glennys will be able to thread-baste the whole quilt.

Marie has finished her twisted pinwheel hanging, including the binding:
Today she sewed a label to the back, so it is ready to be given to the happy couple.

 Our next meeting is in two weeks, on 27th August. Hope to see you again then!