Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilters' Circle - 12th November, 2012

Today we celebrated Marie's birthday with some afternoon tea. Marie received a lovely umbrella (picture from the internet because I forgot to photograph the real one).

The design of the umbrella is by Deborah Kemball, and it is based on her quilt "Indian Garden", from her book Beautiful Botanicals:
(Another picture from the internet, which is actually closer to the real colour of the umbrella as well.)

Marie showed us this cute little dress and bloomers she is making for a friend's baby girl:
And today she worked on some hexagons, but the photographer really fell down on the job and didn't get a snap of them, either.

Glennys makes a quilt for each of her nieces when they marry, and another one has named the day. So today Glennys brought along her cutting equipment and fabric:
Obviously staged for camera - this side has already been cut!

By the end of our session all the pieces for the main part of the quilt were cut. Here's what a block will look like when pieced:
Unfortunately the camera is not giving us a good idea of the colours. The fabric at the top looks too bright, and the bottom one is too washed out! Think navy and taupe to get a closer image. I hope Glennys will bring it along once it is pieced, and we can get a photo in natural light. The block design is from a quilting calendar, and had no designer's name.

Vireya started adding the connecting parts to one of her sunflowers:

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 26th November. See you again then!

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