Monday, July 22, 2013

Quilters' Circle - 22nd July, 2013

You may have noticed that one meeting has gone by without a blog post. That's because the picture-taking, blog-writing person was away on the 7th July. Today she was back, and everyone else was away. That wasn't co-ordinated very well!
Vireya had lots of room to spread out. Unfortunately she had not brought the right glasses, so she couldn't sew anyway. She was about to pack up early and go home, when Leigh brought in this box of goodies which has been donated to the house:
It took quite a bit of time to go through all these bits and pieces. There are purse frames, all sorts of handbag catches, O-rings and D-rings, and hundreds of buckles, eyelets and grommets. Vireya took home a few things which she can use in bag and purse making, but the vast majority of stuff is still there. Tonight the sewing group will have their turn to find amazing treasures.

Our next meeting is only a week away, as there are five Mondays this month. See you on the 29th July.

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  1. I see your lovely pentagon sunflowers from that German book, Vireya...they look so bright and beautiful :-) My goodness what a lot of items in that box!