Monday, September 23, 2013

Quilters' Circle - 23rd September, 2013

Today's meeting was in the childcare centre, as painters and other handymen are busy working in our normal room, fixing up some of its defects. We are looking forward to seeing it when they finish!

Blogger is unhelpfully rotating 60% of today's photos, and Google will only let me edit them if I join Google+ which I'm not going to do. So I'm sorry but you will have to rotate your head to see all of today's photos correctly!

Marie is making some placemats out of hexagons. Here's the first one, which I carefully photographed the right way up:
However to see it right way up, you will need to rest your head on your right shoulder. Then you will see all the food-themed fabrics Marie has used. This piece will be appliqu├ęd to a background fabric to be turned into a placemat.

Marie had laid out all the pieces for her second one, and brought them along in her block carrier:

If you want to see them the correct way up, just do that same neck-stretching exercise; rest your head on your right shoulder.

By the end of today's meeting, Marie had quite of few of the rows pieced together:
Nice of Blogger to give your neck a rest at this point by showing the photo the correct way up.

Vireya brought along something different today. First she cut out a pair of trousers:
Now the opposite side of your neck will be exercised, as you lay your head on your left shoulder to see this as it should be seen.

Once the trousers were cut out, Vireya moved on to a dress:

And Blogger lets you rest your neck again by displaying the photo the correct way up. Phew!

Hope your neck survived all that stretching. Our next meeting will be in one week, as there are five Mondays this month. Our old room will still be under renovation, so we will be in the childcare centre again. See you on the 30th!

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