Monday, April 14, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 14th April, 2014

Only a couple of quilters attended today's meeting. Maybe the beautiful weather outside was too tempting! There was lots of talk about the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) which was held over the weekend.

Knitter Dorothea showed us her haul from the AQC:
Most of these patterns and kits were from a Leesa Chandler show bag, but one special one Dorothea won by being able to name Nellie Melba's father!

For show and tell Marie had two quilt tops she has done for a children's charity:

And today she was quilting her green 1,000-pyramids quilt:
You can see a picture of the whole quilt in this blog post.

It was a bit of a green day, today. Vireya was also immersed in greens, sorting fabrics first into a rough light-to-dark arrangement:
Then into five categories:
These will form the leaves between the flowers in Vireya's next project:
Flower Ball, designed by Geta Grama. Here Vireya has used coloured pencils to roughly show the colour and shading she is planning in her quilt, but she has many more shades of fabric than she does of coloured pencils.

Knitter Mary showed us this article from The Age about the Apron Festival in Ballarat on 10-11th May:
She thought we might want to make patchwork aprons to enter into the competition. I don't know that anyone felt they had the time to do that (entries close next Friday), but the exhibition sounds like it could be a fun day out. Details on their website: Apron Festival.

Our next meeting will be on 28th April, two weeks from now. See you again then!

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