Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 22nd September, 2014

Today Debbie showed us that she sometimes does hexagons too:
Here are a few sitting on a magazine ad for a quilt kit. But did Debbie buy the kit, or is it just her inspiration? Someone should have taken notes. Either way, they are cute hexagons! The website mentioned in the ad seems to be defunct, though, so it seems the kit isn't available any more.
Today Debbie was stitching another humorous saying for her Truly Aussie quilt (designed by Helen Stubbings):

Glennys has been assembling her My Blue Heaven quilt (designed by Therese Hylton):
There is another section still to be to be joined to the bottom of this one. We've seen lots of these blocks being stitched in our meetings, so it's lovely to see them all together!

Marilyn joined us and brought along this intriguing "folding cube" which her sister made:
As you open it up different fabrics are displayed,
and different configurations:

There are cubes of foam inside. We don't know if Marilyn's sister used a pattern, but there are instructions for making a wooden version covered with photos on this site:
You could probably adapt the photo instructions if you wanted to make a fabric version. It is meant to be a baby toy, but it is quite fun for adults as well.

Marie has two sets of hexagons joined for the sides of the bag she is working on:
There are a few more hexagons to add, then these pieces will be appliqu├ęd to the body of the bag.

Sorry for the very brief report, but I only popped in to take the photos and couldn't stay to participate. I hope the rest of the attendees had a lovely afternoon together!

Our next meeting will be next week, on 29th September, as there are five Mondays this month.  See you again then!

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  1. What an amazing lot of wonderful items...! The folding cube is especially intriguing. That saying being stitched is one my brother uses all the time...very typical Aussie imagery I think! lol