Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 8th September, 2014

Happy Spring, everyone!

Today we all made progress on projects we've been working on for a while.

There are a few EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects on the go. Marie is joining hexagon flowers to each other:

Vireya is joining sections of her hexagon project:

Glennys is making some square shapes to complete the design for her project:

But we aren't all doing EPP. Debbie is embroidering:

Mary joined us and knitted - but no photo was taken of the knitting, unfortunately.

At our last meeting, Marie asked if anyone had a pattern for a zipped purse, as her purse was falling apart. Some of us forgot all about her request, but Debbie not only remembered, she made Marie a beautiful purse!
It is completely hand-stitched, in Marie's favourite colour, purple. Unfortunately the camera doesn't show the colours accurately - the purples are warmer than they appear here.

Here's the other side of the purse:

Debbie finished the purse by adding a friendly butterfly zipper-pull:
She even put a coin inside, because traditionally gifts of purses should include a coin so that they will never be empty. What a lovely and thoughtful gift, which you can be sure is greatly appreciated!

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 22nd September. Here are a couple of quilty events on before then if you are looking for somewhere to go:
13th September: Beaconsfield Quilt Show at Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre

19th to 21st September: Craft Fair at Cunningham Pier, Geelong. Details here:

See you in a couple of weeks!

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  1. All lovely projects that the ladies are working on...but I must say that the purse is absolutely gorgeous :-)