Monday, March 30, 2015

Quilters' Circle - 30th March, 2015

Welcome back to another meeting of the Quilters' Circle. We had a very quiet meeting today, probably because the school holidays meant people had other commitments.

Debbie showed us this work in progress:
This is the background, but there is lots of applique to be added to it. The pattern is from a book called Everyday Angels in Extraordinary Quilts, by Mary Lou Weidman. Here's how the quilt will look when finished:
Very cute!

Marie finished the binding on the third of the community quilts she has worked on, and told us she has been given another of the embroidered pieces she used in the centre of each of them. So we will be seeing another of Marie's amazing creations in weeks to come!

Marie also showed us an unfinished kit that a friend found at a school fete and bought for her. The kit is for a small quilt with six house blocks. Here is the one house which has been partially assembled:
And here's the rest of the fabric for the quilt:
You can see where some of the pattern pieces have been traced onto the fabric for the next little houses.

Vireya spent a some time trying out this Clover yo-yo flower maker:
It looks as if this fabric was a bit stiff to give a good result, but it is worth trying again with something softer.

Vireya also showed us the third of the Zoo Animals BOM by Kristy at Quiet Play, which is a polar bear. Here's all three of the blocks so far, laid out on a potential sashing fabric:
There are another 6 months of patterns to go.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks, on 13th April. See you again then!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilters' Circle - 23rd March, 2015

We were saddened today to hear that Marie's mother passed away last week. Our heartfelt condolences to her, and best wishes for her trip to Sydney for the funeral this week.

Today Debbie worked on the star blocks for her "Truly Aussie" quilt:
By the end of the meeting she'd made this much progress:
She has twelve more blocks to make. All the pieces are prepared, ready to sew:
We are all awed by her hand-piecing skill!

Glennys blanket-stitched around a bunny rug made of some very cute fabric:
There are two new arrivals she is sewing blankets for. She showed us all the lovely fabrics she has chosen but unfortunately we didn't get a picture of them.

Marie worked on the binding of the third of the community quilts she has made.
The previous two are in the last two meeting reports. Scroll down to see them. All three are beautiful.

On the weekend, Vireya attended an amazing exhibition of Japanese quilts in Ballan. She brought the catalogue along, although the photos in it didn't do the quilts justice.

Vireya showed us her "Wild and Goosey" blocks:
They are foundation paper-pieced. The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter, and can be downloaded from the QuiltMaker magazine website here.

As there are five Mondays this month, it is only a week until our next meeting. See you then!