Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilters' Circle - 29th June, 2009

Five Mondays in June this year, so we had a bonus meeting of the Quilters' Circle. When we arrived we found a lunch finishing in the room. Here's the left-overs, which we helped to eat:

Marie worked on a project she is doing for a quilting class she attends, and brought along her first quilt for us to admire:

The pattern for this quilt was from a magazine. Before making the quilt, Marie had made cushion covers with her patchwork, and this was a much bigger project; there are two people hiding behind it in that photo. The quilt lives on the couch in her living room. When Marie mentioned that now she wouldn't make some of the colour choices she did for this quilt, she sparked off a conversation on how quilts become a history of the maker's changing tastes and skill levels. That adds another layer of meaning to the quilt.

Joy brought along some books for us to enjoy. A particular favourite was a book of Japanese patchwork blocks. She spent our time together working on the binding of this table-runner. It is a gift for someone so I better not say too much.

Joy also showed us these Japanese cranes she is appliquéing:

Those beaks look like a non-appliquér's worst nightmare! But they sparked off a conversation about words and their meanings, and the relationship between various Indo-European languages. How did we get to that? I guess you had to be there.

Vireya brought along most of the top of a quilt she is working on. You may recognise it from previous posts. It is for a gift, so only a little corner can be posted so far:

The 9-patch cornerstone and the left-hand sashing section have been sewn together, but have not yet been attached to the block. That's why the blocks in the 9-patch seem to be different sizes. Once the piecing is complete, all those squares will be the same size as the red one and the upper blue one. A picture of the full quilt will be posted here once it is finished and in the hands of the recipient.

Here's what Vireya worked on. It is that appliqué flower from nearly 2 months ago. But some progress has been made:

We won't mention the fact that she is 5 months behind with that block-of-the-month project!

All-in-all we had a lovely afternoon. And there is only 1 week until our next meeting, on the first Monday in July.

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