Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilters' Circle - Meeting times for 2010

Hello to all our loyal readers. The meeting days for the Quilters' Circle have changed this year. Now we will be meeting on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Mondays. The time is unchanged; 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

Thus our first meeting at the House will be on 8th February. Hope to see you then!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilters' Circle - 18th January, 2010

Today we had a small gathering at Marie's home. We hope those who couldn't make it will be back with us soon.

Marie has nearly finished this quilt for a special young girl:

The fabrics feature horses and the occasional cowgirl; no cowboys! The quilting design carries through the theme, with the outline of a horseshoe quilted in each block. The blocks are put together in the hidden 9-patch (or disappearing 9-patch) pattern. Marie has even made a matching pillow-case from some of the left-over blocks. It is sure to be loved by the recipient.

Meet Mr. Lion:

Mr. Lion was made for Marie by a friend in 1966. He's in amazingly good shape for his age!

Vireya brought along her most-recently completed Red Delicious block:

Today she made some pentagons with the help of some "handy" clips:

Marie is piecing by hand a quilt for her grandson's teddy-bear. It is a miniature version of the dog quilt she made for him (seen here in last September). Here's the first complete block:

And here's some of the strips Marie has prepared for the blocks:

I don't know why these two pictures are on their sides. There will be twelve blocks in the completed quilt. To give you an idea of the scale, the completed size of the small corner squares will be half an inch. Very cute!

We are not sure when the next Quilters' Circle meeting will be, as late last year we were informed that the meetings at the neighbourhood house might be changing to a different set of Mondays. We are waiting for the house to re-open to confirm just when we will meet. We'll be back again on either the 1st, or the 8th of February. See you then.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Quilters' Circle - 4th January, 2010

The neighbourhood house is closed for holidays at the moment, so an extraordinary meeting of the Quilters' Circle was held today at Joy's home.

Joy served a very elegant afternoon tea, which we enjoyed while looking out over her lovely back garden.

Those pretty cups were among Joy's 21st-birthday presents, and are still making the tea taste better a few years later!

Joy showed us a few of her projects which haven't been to the neighbourhood house. One of them is the centre block for her blue Baltimore Album quilt:

We've seen a few of the smaller blocks before, for example here and here. Won't it be fantastic when all complete?

Some years back, Joy's boys asked her to make a quilt they saw a picture of. Sadly, once it was complete, Joy and the boys were disappointed with the look of it. The boys had the idea to divide up the quilt and turn it into a set of placemats. They did the cutting and unpicking, and Joy added the binding. Thus was a disappointment turned into something well-loved:

Each placemat is for a particular person; the cute pigs (on the left) were for their father, and the cats in the foreground were for their mother.

Marie was quilting the cushion top she was working on late last year. Here's another quilt she completed in 2009, using a pattern known as Hidden, or Disappearing 9-Patch:

It's a very effective design which is quick to make, and is a good way to use novelty fabrics like these.

Vireya stitched down some pentagons which are part of her latest portable project:

This is inspired by a quilt in a recent issue of Down Under Quilts.

In between sewing, afternoon-tea-ing, watching birds visit flowers and the birdbath, and chatting, we looked at some books and magazines:

It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Joy, for your hospitality!

We will probably get together once more before the house re-opens for 2010. Come back in a couple of weeks to see what we get up to.