Monday, February 24, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 24th February, 2014

It is the fourth Monday of February, so that means it's the quilters' circle meeting day. When we arrived we found the room decorated with some knitted bunting:
When Mary from the knitters arrived, she explained that she had made it for the childcare centre. It features lots of cute knitted and crocheted motifs.

Today Debbie returned and showed us lots of beautiful things she has made since we saw her last. This cute quilt didn't quite get finished for Christmas, but there's plenty of time before the next one, isn't there?
The pattern is "Joy to the World" by Nancy Halvorsen. Debbie is blanket-stitching around the appliqué, and has only the bottom section to go.

Today Debbie worked on some embroidery for another project, "Truly Aussie", designed by Helen Stubbings. The quilt features colloquial expressions, and some great Australian innovations like this one:
The link I have added to the name takes you to Helen's website where you can see what the completed quilt will look like.

Debbie also showed us her completed stitcheries for another Helen Stubbings design, "Life is Beautiful":
She was working on one of these last time she joined us, so today we admired all 32 of the completed stitchery panels. It is worth clicking on the picture to see them in greater detail. Debbie's stitching is beautifully done.

Vireya showed us some paper foundation piecing she has made since our last meeting. Today she was removing paper from the backs of completed pieces:
Here are some of her completed letters, and one still under construction:
They are for a wall-hanging for her sewing room. The patterns for the letters is "Just My Type" by Kristy of Quiet Play.

Marie has started quilting the small quilt she made of the scraps from a twisted pinwheel quilt she made a while ago. It is a busy piece, but is you look close you can see some of her hand-quilting in purple:
At our last meeting Marie was stitching down the binding on a doll's quilt, and she told us today that she has heard back that the little girl who received it absolutely loves it. That's not surprising, as it was so cute, but it is always nice to get that feedback!

We won't be meeting again until the 24th of March, because of the Labour Day public holiday. I might do a post on something else on the day when we should have met, if I can find the photo for it. Stay tuned - or at least, come back in a month for our next meeting!

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