Monday, March 31, 2014

Quilters' Circle - 31st March, 2014

Today was our bonus "fifth Monday" meeting for March. Even though it is only a week since our last meeting, there were a few projects for Show & Tell.

Last November we saw Glennys cutting fabrics for this quilt, and now the top is assembled:
Each of Glennys' grandchildren chose the fabrics for their own quilt. This one looks much nicer in real life than the photo appears. Somehow the aqua colours have been washed out in the photo.

Today Glennys continued blanket-stitching the hems of this fleece rug:
Last week's photo didn't show any of the cute dinosaurs, so this one makes amends.

Debbie brought along a couple of well-aged unfinished quilts to show us. The oldest one is 28 years old. It is beautifully made, and basted ready to be quilted, but too large for Debbie to physically manage the quilting:
Debbie's second sample quilt is 20 years old, and even bigger. This one is queen-sized:
They are both beautifully made, so it is a shame they can't be quilted as they are.

Last time we saw Marie's year quilt was nearly 4 months ago, when she was assembling week 42. Since then she has completed all 52 weeks, and assembled the whole year:

Marie made this set of coasters as a house-warming present for a friend. We photographed them last time, and now it is safe to publish the photo as they have been given to their new owner.
If you look at the fabrics Marie used, you can get some idea of her friend's interests!

Marie made this colourful quilt top since our last meeting:
You will have to rest your head on your left shoulder to see it the way it was intended. Blogger has decided again that we need to do some neck stretches.

Today Marie finished the binding on the little gril's quilt we saw last time:

Vireya is preparing papers for her next EPP (English paper piecing) project:
Yes, those hexagons do look crooked, but they are meant to be that way. It is part of the 3-D effect of Geta Grama's "Flower Ball" pattern. Someone asked how many pieces there are in the whole quilt, and the answer is 199.

Our next meeting will be in a fortnight, on 14th April. The Australasian Quilt Convention is on the weekend before, so we might have some goodies or inspiration from the show to share next time.

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