Monday, December 12, 2016

Quilters' Circle - 12th December, 2016

Today was the last meeting for the year, so the Quilters and Knitters combined for a special breakup.

Lots of yummy goodies to enjoy!

Marie worked on the binding of this community quilt she has made:
It's always fun looking at the different fabrics, and finding those we recognise from previous projects. In this photo a bout a quarter of the binding remains to be stitched down, but by the end of the meeting it was completely done.

Marie also showed us her progress on her EPP stars of reproduction fabrics.
We have seen some of these stars being made previously, but now Marie is joining them together. Aren't they beautiful? Here's a closer look at some of those kaleidoscopic designs created by careful cutting and piecing:

Each star is like a small jewel.

Unfortunately Debbie didn't bring along her Town and Country Quilt, (designed by Susan Claire) which is a "block of the day" quilt she has been working on all year. She has kept up with the blocks, and has completed 350 with only fifteen remaining. We hope to see it in the new year.

Vireya brought along a couple of projects she has completed since last attending in July.  Her Hazel quilt (designed by Esther Aliu)  was just a top when we saw it last. It is now finished:

And her Flower Ball quilt (designed by Geta Grama), last seen in February 2015 before it had a background, is now complete:
She has also assembled a top using the Wild and Goosey blocks (designed by Bonnie Hunter) we last saw in March 2015.
There are still quite a few paper foundations to be removed from it before it can be turned into a quilt.

Today Vireya was stitching down binding on a small apple-core quilt she made in a workshop a couple of months ago:
 At the end of the meeting, there was just one scallop of binding remaining to stitch:
Almost there!

During the meeting we had a visit from Tamara Russell of Creative Moreland. She told us about the Moreland Quilt Project, which is a:
 "community project collaborating with local business, artists, community groups, neighbourhood houses, schools and age-care facilities. The project will create a large textile Quilt representing Moreland resident’s cultural diversity, whilst recording the history of participants. The project will record local stories and be designed to represent the culture and history of local residents and businesses through imagery, colour, stitch, fabric and embellishment." (Quote from the Creative Moreland website.)

Tamara is hoping that some stitching sessions will be conducted at the Neighbourhood House in the new year, both during the regular Quilters' Circle meetings, and on weekends. If you would like to get involved, you can register on their website to be kept informed.

That's it for this year! Our next meeting will be on 30th January, 2017. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all our regular readers, and we hope to see you again next year.

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